Obstetrical Care (First Trimester Only)

At Bergen County Gynecology, we recognize that pregnancy is a special time and it is important to get started with the right care. Although we do not do deliveries, we do offer antenatal care through the first trimester and offer preconception counseling and genetic testing.

There are several important tests to assess the health of the baby early on. Confirmation of the pregnancy includes an ultrasound & blood tests to measure hormonal levels. Beginning from 6 weeks onwards, there should be sonographic evidence of the pregnancy and there are key screening tests done to make sure certain abnormalities are not present. If you have not yet seen a provider and are having issues in the first trimester of pregnancy, we are able to assist you. Please note, after the first trimester, appropriate referrals are given to practitioners for the remainder of the antenatal course.

We also provide prenatal counselling & screening for all the major genetic disorders. You should have an antenatal screening done especially if you have the following conditions:

  • One of your close relatives, or your previous child has a serious genetic abnormality
  • If you or your partner are “carriers” of a faulty gene
  • You are in your mid-30s or older
  • Long term exposure to chemical or other harmful environmental agents

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  • Association of Korean-American Graduates
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