Pap Test

A Pap smear or Pap test is conducted as part of a woman’s routine health examination, after the age of 21 years. It is not a diagnostic test, but is a screening tool used to detect any abnormal cells in the cervix, the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. A Pap smear helps in early detection of serious medical conditions such as cervical cancer.


Colposcopy is a procedure for clinical examination of the female genital organs such as the vulva, vagina, & cervix. It is done using a magnifying device with a light source called a colposcope. Colposcopy is performed to examine for any inflammatory changes, injuries, or cancerous growths in the region of the vulva, vagina, & cervix.

LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure)

A LEEP procedure is done when there are high grade abnormalities on the cervix, noted from cervical biopsies or on the PAP smear. This is performed to excise those abnormal cells, & is an in-office procedure.

Endometrial Biopsy

An endometrial biopsy is a sampling of the cells that lie within the uterus.It is done in the office or in the hospital, & can provide important information about the status of the endometrial tissue.


Hysteroscopy is a minor surgical procedure used for diagnosis &/or treatment of various conditions of the uterus. In this procedure, a thin telescopic instrument called a hysteroscope is inserted into the uterus through the vagina to view the internal structures for diagnosing or treating conditions. The camera in the hysteroscope projects the images onto the large television screen thereby helping the surgeon to view the internal structures.

Endometrial Ablation

An endometrial ablation procedure is done to essentially cauterize or burn the lining of the uterus. This is often an outpatient procedure, & done to address issues with heavy or prolonged periods.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive technique of performing a surgery through smaller incisions. A thin fiber-optic instrument called laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen through a small cut. It allows visualization of pelvic organs & also treatment of problems if detected.

Essure Hysteroscopic Sterilization Procedure

This is a procedure that is outpatient & does not require any incisions in the abdomen. A small camera is inserted into the uterus, & under direct visualization, small stents are positioned carefully into the fallopian tubes. Over the next few months, the small coils block the fallopian tubes. A hysterosalpingogram is often used to confirm the complete blockage of the tubes.

Bilateral Tubal Ligation

A tubal ligation is a sterilization procedure that is highly effective & irreversible. It can be done hysteroscopically with the Essure device, or laparoscopically.

Ovarian Cystectomy

In an ovarian cystectomy, any enlarged or troubling ovarian cysts are removed without disturbing the remainder of the ovary, thereby preserving normal ovarian tissue. It is only performed in cases where ovarian cysts are persistent, concerning, & large in size.


A myomectomy is surgical removal of fibroids that cause symptoms in a patient.It is performed either laparoscopically or via the routine open procedure depending on the size & location of the fibroid(s).This is considered a major surgery.


A hysterectomy is a procedure that involved surgical removal of the uterus. A total hysterectomy is one when the cervix is removed along with the uterus. A subtotal or partial hysterectomy is removal of just the uterus, leaving the cervix behind. A hysterectomy is performed for a variety of reasons, which may include fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities, & malignancy or premalignancy.

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